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    Hi all i’m richard and i’m a single parent and see my kids only once a week due to controlling ex wife.finding things tough.

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    Hi Richard,

    hope your doing ok. feel free to message me.

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    Hi Richard, how are you doing today.


    My ex husband is very controlling too. We have been divorced now for approximately 10 years. But it still feels like we are married, as he still dictates when I see my youngest and for how long I see him for. Bearing in mind that my youngest with him is almost 15 now. But because of his dad he won’t even sleep over at mine.


    I have an 8yr old from a different relationship, who lives with me. Who often asks if her brother will sleep over, but he won’t.


    Please feel free to message me anytime.

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    I’m sorry to hear you are struggling. Life is really hard at times. Feel free to message me also.

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    Hi Richard,

    Hope things are getting better for you. Once a week is at least a something. The gingerbread helpline has the best advice…. Just thinking maybe some sort of mediation could work?

    – the charity ‘relate’ offers free mediation sessions, might be worth a go?

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    Hi Richard,

    Sorry to hear you are going through a hard time! It’s fantastic that you are reaching out to seek support though.

    Do feel free to message me should you want to chat.

    As previous poster mentioned mediation could be the way forward assuming that’s not already been done. I personally think if your ex is controlling then it’s best to try and negotiate things through official channels to avoid causing too much distress (if even possible on your end).

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    Sorry your struggling buddy.  I may not be much use but if you wanna message, feel free. … mark

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    please reach out to me if  you need talk about this ?

    I am based in Manchester but happy to chat virtually as well








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    Hi Richard

    it is tough to be away from the little one, try &

    be friendly to the ex and say that all you need is to see the baby, May be do some video calls for short time morning/evening that’ll make you relax a little

    Of course if it’s too strict then it should go the legal way/ mediation so that no one takes each other for a ride

    but more often then not nobody wants to go the legal route unless it’s something major so just negotiate and try and find ways to be in touch with your little one more

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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