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    Hi everyone 👋

    I’m a single dad with a 3 year old son who I currently look after 2 days a week at my parents house. This may be going up to 3 days though due to the his mum having to care for her dad more often.

    My partner left me and moved out of our flat 2 years ago and I’ve been living with my parents since, while trying to clear some debt and move out into my own place.

    I am still in quite a lot of debt due to self employment but have since found a new job.

    My parents have decided to sell up and downsize so I have to move out but I cannot afford to pay rent, bills, child support, and the debt back.

    Has anyone been in a similar situation and have you recieved any help with rent etc? Any help would be appreciated

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    Have you used a benefits calculator to see what you could get? Also a debt management company might be able to support you.


    Hope that helps

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    In the short term you could ask your ex if you could see your son at her place ( depends on domestic situation). My ex did that for a bit and it wasn’t a problem.

    If your parents are selling up, will they help you with a deposit? You don’t need a two bed flat to be able to have your son. He’s still very young so you could have a 1 bed flat and he could share with you or sleep on an air bed.

    If you have your son three nights, your maintenance payment will go down, so that should help a bit too.

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    Can you get a second job on your free evenings, just until you’ve cleared the debt?

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    It sounds like you’re in a pretty stressful situation. Have you sought any advice about your finances?

    I can’t imagine any of the options available to you would be suitable for overnight stays with your child, house share, etc .

    As stated above you would be entitled to something in terms of benefits but they would be restricted because you do not have your child full time. Still worth checking it out though.

    I hope you manage to sort things out.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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