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    My wife cheated on me earlier in the year and she decided to leave the house in may.

    We have 2 young boys, over a fortnight she has them 8 nights and me 6. Because she works 30 hours and me 34.5 – she’s deemed as the main carer and as a result gets Universal Credit for both kids. She actually earns more per hr (and month) than I do, but she rents whereas I’m in the family home. What i pay for the mortgage, she comes out on top with UC minus rent .We’re going to start mediation soon.

    I’m trying to find the money to buy her half of the mortgage. I’ll need to work more in my spare time to try and take on the mortgage on by myself.

    If this all works out, is it reasonable to apply for universal credit for one of the kids? She would still have UC for the other. In my eyes,  things will be on an even level. I’m still coping with losing my best friend in my spare time – I don’t want to have to work more hours.

    Many thanks for your thoughts/opinions/experiences



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    Unless you have shared care you cannot really justify receiving the child benefit without her agreement. And CB is the gateway benefit you need to claim uc.

    So you have two options, get her to agree to you claiming CB. Or increase your over ifhts to seven so you can justify making a counterclaim to the child benefit.

    If she will receive any equity from the sale of the house between 5-16k she will lose some uc over 16k she will lose it all, so you could come to some agreement where you pay the equity back in smaller amounts if she wishes to rent so she can claim still and you also. But I’ve no idea if this meets the requirements for uc, but maybe worth exploring.

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