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    Hiya everyone iv just recently joined, I have separated from my wife and have 2 beautiful daughters 2 & 1. I would love to meet people with kids the same age just so my kids can have some interaction & make friends. I’m so worried that they are missing out on the chance of being able to interact with other children. I take them to soft play centres but the kids are always a lot older and my eldest can’t fully talk in sentences and she tries to make friends by showing affection but normally gets shunned to the side and it breaks my heart. Does anyone have kids in a similar age group that would maybe like to take the kids to a play centre or farm. I don’t mind paying for everyone If it just means that my eldest can interact. I have them most days and every weekend so am really flexible. I never thought I’d be in this position where I would be asking strangers, life seemed perfect up until about 6 months ago and the whole world just caved in on us and I just want to give my kids the best life I can.

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    Hi Sukhi, I hope you make contact with other people on here soon. Meanwhile, here’s a link to Single Parent Groups in your area Groups Archive – Gingerbread

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