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    I  am a single dad of 46 years of age.I live with my 6 year old daughter in Bradford.I separated with my partner 5 years ago and been living with my daughter since.I like meeting up with single parents to share the experience of parenting.I feel so lonely and find it a little bit hard to start a new relationship as I have no idea what impact it can have on my daughter.I have never dated anybody due to that fear that if someone may come and go what would be the impact on my daughter and I. If there is anyone who can help me with advice is welcome.

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    I can’t offer any advice Anonymous, only my admiration. That’s a long time with that responsibility on your own. I have two boys on my own and this will be our first Christmas as a single family. I find these forums help and take solace in the fact that there are a surprising amount of people in the same situation – if they’re making it work then so can we. I’m certainly no expert on women but like to think that the dedication you have for your daughter has to be an attractive characteristic right?

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    as Graham said if you mention to a woman that you’re a single dad believe me she will not want to let you go, mainly for the reason that by you stepping up to the plate you’re showing you’re both a committed person and a great dad!  You are aloud to be happy and there is no harm what so ever in looking for a relationship, just don’t go hopping from one to the other and date them for a few months before even thinking about introducing them to your daughter, but just make it clear to the other person that your daughter will always be your priority and if they want to be in your life they have to want to be in hers to, by saying this it helps weed out all the ones who pretend to be ok with it but deep down aren’t, might be why I’ve been mostly single for the past ten years but who cares? I’ve only had two relationships in those ten years one when my eldest was three and that’s when I had my son and the second (which lasted 9months) ended nearly three years ago and my boys weren’t that fussed they were more bothered about my exs dog to be honest lol.  If getting into a relationship will make you happier it can only do good for your daughter, I will admit sometimes kids can get a bit jealous but they won’t be so jealous so long as the other half does their bit and and plays with the child etc and then they’ll snap out of it, but tbh I’d say it wasn’t so much jealousy it’s more trying to adjust to the new situation if you know what I mean?


    Just do what will make you happy x

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    Thank you so much Graham and Princessmummy for giving me courage.I can see a bright future from your advice.

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    Hi. My daughter was five when my ex left and moved away from the area. There isn’t much child free time when I can do my own thing but I generally found women, especially single parents themselves, were understanding of the restrictions I had. My daughter didn’t need to know I was dating someone. We could meet up for days out and she would be happy meeting someone she thought was just a friend of mine.


    You are completely entitled to go on dates. It might be tricky working around your daughter but it can be done.

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