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    Hi everyone, 6 months ago my son came to live with me permanently, due to him  claiming he was suffering abuse at his mothers and wanted to live with me and never see her again , social services family unit did a full assessment and his mother refused to be part in any of it and refused to be part in his future assessments and stated that our son can live with his dad permanently and she will not contact him again. Once the assessment was complete social services wrote a letter of proof that my son lives with me permanently now as agreed by both parents, I am living at my sisters family home at the moment so me and my son are having to share a small bedroom which I have had confirmed by my local council that it’s overcrowded, so I applied to the council and gave them proof of child benefit and the letter from social services confirming my son lives with me permanently as requested then got a phone call from the housing team refusing our application as I needed a court order to prove that my son lives with me in there eyes, I explained that it was impossible to take this to court as both parents have already agreed that our son lives with me permanently and has proof of that from social services and gave proof of address, his school gave proof that his address is with me and his mother isent on his contact details , his gp has given the same proof, and child benefit contacted his mother to confirm that his he lives with his father now, which she agreed to hence me being on the benefit and sent proof of that , I need some advice please, as I’m completely out of ideas and think it’s so unfair how my sister and other single parents I know simply had to give proof of  child benefit and a birth certificate to be accepted into the council housing.

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    I would recommend first you get in touch with your local Councillors and ask for help. Failing that then you should contact your MP.

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    Hi, thanks for your reply, I have contacted my local mp today, will wait for a response .

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    Hi Mhills82,

    Another choice is to apply for universal credits (this means you have to work a minim of 16 hrs) and maybe get a private accommodation. They can help pay for the cost of the rent of the flat.

    If you had a joint property. You could apply for an occupational order which is free from the family court, and you can represent yourself.

    If the court said you need to show child custody. You can contact your local Citizen Advice Bureau and they have legal advisors in place. There are lots of places that offer free legal advice.

    Also, I know if you and your son are fleeing domestic abuse, you can contact your local council to see what housing options they can offer you and your son. Sometimes unfortunately they offer housing in nearby council/borough.

    Good luck, don’t give up. You will sucess.

    If you need any more help, please contact me,

    Thanks Katherine

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