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    steve g

    hello everyone, im steve, I work part time 25 hours per week, I take home 932 a month, I dont get any financial help, I have 2 young boys age 8 and 12, I have them 50% of the time. they only live 3 miles from me. I pay 150 a month child maintenance to the ex wife, ( cash, but I get a receipt) and spend money on them when they are with me, food, entertainment.. my rent in 325 a month, plus 122 a month, plus bills.. etc, nothing left, LOL (tiny flat)  not sure its relevant but ex wife cheated, so I left her,  so my basic question is…. am I entitled to any state help ? ive spent 2 weeks applying on line, but come up against a brick wall for several reasons, last one was, my application for UC expires after 60 minutes if not complete, the post office takes 4 hours to process my ID that I need to apply for UC.. cant win… just basically need to know if I can even apply…. cheers guys…

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    Not sure about the other benefits – but I get 25% off my council tax.

    btw – nice to see another single Dad called Steve 🙂

    Steve B


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    If you are working.part time you may be entitled to working tax credits to top up salary if your children live with you .

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    Why are you giving your ex maintenance if you have them 50:50?

    Is that for specific things like half of  school uniform and Afterschool club?

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    Best option I could say would be to check out its pretty quick and easy, gives you a good overview of what state help you might be eligible for.

    If your struggling online speak to your local council, they can help you with the application, either them or your local citizens advice bureau CAB), both should have people to help complete the applications.

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