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    hi guys, so I’m coming up to 29 weeks pregnant and quite suddenly the baby’s father has split up with me. He said he doesn’t love me anymore, he has no desire to work through things even though I do. But he wants to be in the babies life and will be there for him. It’s all come as such a shock and I’m trying to adapt to this new situation and the fact I’m going to be a single mum. I’ve been feeling so low and trying to keep myself strong for the baby but just need some advice and reassurance that it does get better and that I can do this. a breakup sucks but a breakup while pregnant, living together and having to attend appointments and scans together is unbearable 🙁 

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    My marriage came to an end during the pregnancy of my second child, so I know exactly how you feel about going to appointments etc and moments when baby is kicking etc. There are lots of emotions to deal with, be gentle on yourself.

    It will get better and you can do this. I read up a lot about coparenting and good communication is key. I also read blogs etc on single parenting so that I could mentalling adjust for the unexpected as much as I could.

    Do you have other support from friends and family?

    Happy to PM if you want to




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    Hi. Being a bloke, I cannot imagine the extra emotions that being pregnant has on top of the sudden breakup. I do know however that, the old phrase, time is a good healer is true and that no matter how bad you feel, you will get through it. When my marriage ended and I only saw my children half the time, I was broken. I’ve been through a lot but I am now here to help. Do you have a good family and friends set around you? Paul

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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