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    Dear all fellow single parents,

    I now fall short of receiving any benefits at all since the working tax credit reforms and move to universal credit. I am however not far outside, like so many single working parents and have on-going before and after school childcare to pay 5 days a week. Due to domestic violence, I have never received any child maintenance, nor would I wish to open this whole can of worms for fear of my own and my son’s safety.

    What has occurred to me most recently, is the unfair and disproportionate levels of tax levied on a single parent household – and afterall even if you do receive some child maintenance, then there are two households now to support.  Rents take no account of whether there are two people in the main bedroom or one.

    A household with two earners gets £23,000 tax free, whilst a single parent only gets £11,500. A single parent further pays 75% of council tax, not 50%.

    Further, lets face it, it does not cost half for two of you to live, compared to three. Living costs and taxation are both adversely disproportionate for single parents.

    I am fed up of working round the clock, struggling to provide the very best I can for my child, and only being able to spend £30-40 a week on groceries, never having anything new for myself or the home, not being able to contribute to my pension and feeling that I simply couldn’t possibly do anything more to secure a better future for my child and I.

    All of us tried to avoid, or never planned for this situation, and I think, given that tax cuts are being discussed at government level, that it is now time for the government to consider more specifically the fairness of taxes on single parent households. As such, I have started a petition at

    On the UK government website – there have been many similar, but they have not gained anywhere near enough votes for there to be a proper debate in Parliament. Let’s face it, what single parent has the network and time to do effective campaigns.

    If you are like me, or have friends like me, then please sign my petition. “Raise personal tax allowance and council tax discount for single parents”. This petition has now been verified and is live on the UK Gov and Parliament site. Help me bring it to the fore, when the opportunity appears to be there, and tax cuts are being at least being discussed.

    Really appreciate your help! Sign the petition and share!

    Thanks and best wishes


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