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    hi everyone I’m fairly new in here . I’m here for advise and to make friends. My partner has split from me after 25 years together I was only 12 at the time. He has literally been my whole life and now has ended things and shacked up with a so called… she’s just a friend !! I’m devastated to say the least and hate going to bed knowing I have to wake up with this aching pain in my tummy all the time . Have to mention I’ve lost 2 stone in weeks as I find it so difficult to eat x

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    When my partner left me and took the kids I didn’t sleep or eat (I’m not exaggerating) for 6 weeks. At the end my body collapsed and I was hospitalised for a few days. I now do eat every other day and sleep for about two hours a night. I have not lost weight!!!! Grr! But yeah, sleep and food are difficult issues because other things consume my interest and it’s easy to give up sleep and food in exchange for concern and love. I think that may be natural, others may have a different view.

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    Hi kelkeepgoing, I too am new to this. My husband of 22 years walked out 4 weeks ago leaving me and my 2 children absolutely devastated. We’re all still in shock and I can completely understand about the being unable to sleep or eat. The constant feeling of anxiety is so exhausting. I have never felt so scared! Feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost by it all, so am hoping to find support and friends too. Please try and look after yourself (I know it’s really, really hard at the moment). I can only hope that day by day things become a littler easier.

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    Hi, my partner just left on Sunday and my anxiety has really peaked since then. I can’t sleep properly or eat, I wake early then the butterflies flap and I feel so sick it’s torture. The doc has signed me off work at the moment whilst I try to get a grip on it and adjust to a new life.

    Do see your GP if you’re really struggling. They’re there to help. This is a really stressful time grab support from wherever you can.

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    My partner of 7 years ended things nearly 2 weeks ago.

    I’ve been so angry and scared- currently sat here with the sick tummy feeling you’ve described…. It’s horrible.


    But I’ve just read this article which has made me feel slightly more hopeful about the future



    We need to look after ourselves and grieve in order to move forward xx

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