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    I feel so distant from everybody around me and just dont know how to even start to make anything better.


    I’m 24 years old with a 1 year old. His farther came to my first scan and then left, I haven’t seen him since. I’m the only one out our group of friends with a baby and they just don’t understand why my life is so different and I’m not going out every Friday night. My one friend with a baby, understands that side of me but then doesn’t understand why I get lonely on my own because she has a partner.


    I understand that things were going to change and the stress on money and bills and lack of sleep were all going to be a thing but I didn’t know how much it really would.


    Do I sound like I’m been really dramatic or is it normal?

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    The father can be traced and made to make a financial contribution, and who knows, he may even want to play a part in the child’s laugh later on.

    As for loneliness I suggest maybe joining a Gingerbread local group for other parents in similar situations.

    All the best.

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    Hi Charl186,


    You are not alone and you are not being overly dramtic! Not at all! Being a single parent is incredibly lonely – heartbreakingly so.

    I agree with the earlier comment – try and join or form your own Gingerbread group with people like you (us) who understand.

    This time will pass – it might feel like it won’t but it will. There have been millions before us and sadly there will be millions after. Keep your head up and try and focus on yourself and your child!


    All the best xx


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    My situation was very similar to yours. Father came to first scan, then got into a new relationship, so I was a single mum from day 1. I can completely relate to the loneliness, its horrible. You’re not being dramatic at all, here if you need a chat feel free to pm x

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    Your not being overly dramatic,  as feeling like your on your own with children can be scary.

    I just came away from a 5 year marriage and feel lonely too as everyone I know has a boyfriend or married and feel like I have no friends now because my situation has changed.  But seeing the smiles on my kids faces every morning,  makes me feel proud to be their mum.


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    Hey Charl


    I totally agree with what your saying sometimes people don’t get that you can’t go out cos your life has changed significantly. It was the same for me people would say come out or do you fancy doing this and that. But I couldn’t. They never understood. I told them exactly why I couldn’t go out and why my life had changed. They eventually understood and stopped asking.

    And your not being dramatic or silly. And never feel alone there are lots of people in the same boat. ( me included) which I never thought there were I just thought I was the only single mum in the world then I found gingerbread and realised there were lots people with the same stories to tell.  And it will get easier.

    Maybe see if there are any gingerbread groups in your area and go to one.

    I went to one at Xmas and made some new friends. People that get you and understand what your going through.

    All the best.

    Jo xx


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    hello, like the others have said your not being dramatic or anything like that, being a parent is tough when you have a partner to lean on but we are doing

    it alone and it is very hard, and even if you can go out you are to bloody knackered to want to.   The loneliness is very tough to take, some days you are ok then others it hits you hard.   I am always around for a chat.

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    As the others said you are not being dramatic, it can be very lonely. I am thinking of starting a group in my area because there is no group where I am. I am getting quite desperate to meet other single parents, as like you have experienced other people don’t get our situation, either they don’t have children, or they have a partner.

    I hope you are doing ok, I hope it helps a bit to hear that there are other people out there feeling the way you are.

    What I really wish is that we could all somehow meet up and look out for each other and be the friends and family support that we all need for each other.

    That’s why  I best get on with starting up that group…


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