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    My Son was due to go to his Dad’s house this weekend. He video called him on Sunday, he was playing monopoly with his partner’s ex husband who visits the home regularly. His Dad justifies it as. ‘closed system’ as the ex husband lives in another house and works from home as if they’re all living in a kind of bubble. He had mentioned before that another family friend visited, but that it’s a tight network.

    I’m a nurse and highly conscious of the ease of the spread of infection. I’ve decided that my Son can’t visit this weekend because of this. We live in Sussex and his Dad in Essex, so it’s not near, 150 miles away. This is a very serious pandemic, if his Dad wasn’t letting member/s of other household into his home, then I would view it differently.

    Can anyone offer any advice.

    Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have an issue with this as I have encouraged a good relationship with his Dad

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    I’m in the same predicament at the moment. It’s hard to no what is best to do!!

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    Morning Ladies

    Personally I would follow your gut reaction. Especially Summer 66 if you are a nurse. As parents however hard at times we neeed to make tough decision for the sake of our children (I’m not great at this either!). In your experience it rightly sounds that you do not think its safe for your son to visit his dad. This is only a temporary situation. Do not let anyone sway your decision nor make you feel guilty. God forbid if anything was to happen to your son then would you ever forgive yourself? It is hard vbeing a parent and super challenging being a single mum. Go easy on yourself. Your aren’t being selfish just mature.

    My ex husband works in a hospital and we jointly decided that it was best for my son if he didnt enter the house nor my son visit him. So his dad has short visits to our garden and at a distant.

    Good luck Ladies and I hope that this helps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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