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    I currently live with my partner and teenage son but I feel like I need to leave as the relationship is unhealthy. My partner isn’t my sons Father, he hasn’t seen his real Father for a number of years and my partner has been a sort of Father figure to him.

    My partner has a very short temper and shouts a lot, which is very intimidating. He also drinks and swears and has called us both vile names in the past. Luckily my son doesn’t usually hear this as he is in his room talking to his friends on X Box, but he laughs it off when he hears him shouting and my son has even blamed me.

    My son is a good lad as far as teenagers go, he never gives us any trouble apart from a bit of attitude sometimes, but that’s normal! He can get a bit silly in class and has received a few mixed reports, which makes my partner stressed and in a bad mood with him. My partner has got to the stage where he doesn’t really bother interacting with my son and only says the bare minimum to him. I also feel like I am walking on eggshells hoping my son doesn’t do anything to wind him up, which is so sad.

    My partner also has two sons and the dynamics are a nightmare. His 13 year old is so naughty and speaks to him like a piece of dirt but he lets him get away with it yet vilifies my son for the smallest things. This has put a huge strain on our relationship, family holidays are out of the question now and weekends are hell!

    We have tried to work on it so many times, but things revert back to normal.

    I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship, but my partner can be so lovely one minute and then moody the next. I always feel on edge when he is in one of his moods. My son really likes him though and I feel I should stay for my son. I have tried to talk to my son about it, but he gets upset at the thought of us splitting up. He hasn’t had much stability in his life and I feel like I owe it to him.

    I want to leave him more than anything, but my son is just about to go into Year 11 and I’m so worried that a massive upheaval will have a detrimental effect on his GCSEs.

    Should I stay and see it out until the exams are finished?




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