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    I separated from my husband just over a year ago, we have 3 children  With Christmas coming up I was going to go to my family for dinner, it is his turn to have the kids but I said he would either have to take them to his mums or to a restaurant as his house is not in an acceptable state for them to have a nice Christmas dinner there, and he couldn’t cook it but he said no I can have them.  Last year I was going to have him here but he kept playing up and being horrible so I didn’t.  Again this year I did offer to have him here but we went through a stage of him being abusive again so I told him to bugger off.  This evening when dropping the kids off, age 9 & 11 he said to them “looks like I will be having Christmas dinner on my own, think I might just have a bacon sandwich and go to bed”. They said to him why don’t you go to your family and he said no as it is about 1.5 hrs away.  I now feel bad for the children and think should I just have him here for dinner but my oldest really wants to spend it with my family (my mum has offers to plate up a meal for me to take to him after) and we would have him round for Breakfast Christmas morning and to watch the kids opening presents.  Don’t know what to do for the best, it is his choice not to go to his family and how many years could this go on for inviting him for dinner!

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    Hi there I’m having Christmas Dinner with my ex and our 2 girls it’s not perfect but it makes my girls happy on Christmas day seeing us all together


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    I’m not ruling it out, I think I will see how thing go, I have given him a few options.  It’s a tricky one.  Thanks for your response.

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    I would allow him around for xmas dinner as well. U will feel good after ,  just do what u got do and leave politely after. any problems its xmas forget abt it and deal with it later. its all about children having best time they possibly can have


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