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    My ex is classed as homeless and currently cannot have the children in his accommodation. I offered for him to stay in my home when he had the children when he was first made homeless, when in my house he went through each room and slandered myself and my home and threatened to call social saying the children where living in unsanitary conditions, because a slice of bread had mould on it!! Alone with alot of other nasty comments throught the time he was in my home. ( this all steamed from him turning up at a time unexpected and finding I had a male friend over in my home and he wasn’t happy about it.)

    I now longer feel like I want him staying g in my property because of this, he has now told me I’m not putting my children first. I feel very lost and confused about what to do.

    (Back story he left to live with a younger woman in June, this broke down hence his situation, during this time he has been very difficult if he doesn’t get his own way, and has constantly been nasty and put myself down.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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