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    Can anyone give me some advice please! I live with my partner who has not been working for over a year( I pay most of the bills) I have had affair with a guy from work not together anymore. I have 2 boys but my partner is not the father! My anxiety is really bad atm as I don’t want to be with him but don’t know how to tell him. He owes my Dad money but yet everytime he son wants money he gives it too him😡😡😡What would you do if this was you? Please help, feel like I’m heading for a breakdown🥲

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    You need to tell him it’s not working. It’s toxic. Your having affairs he freeloading. You can’t bear to be around him.  It’s done nothing to fix. Let it go.  As fir him owing money to your dad it’s up to them to sort out.  Let him go. Ask him to leave. Life is too short to waste time with free loaders.

    Or stay. And put up with it.  It won’t work. As you have crossed the line with another. No going back from that. As your lying too.  As you have not told him.
    Once you tell him about your affair he will leave. Anyway. If he has any sense.

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    Just tell him about the affair, and as has been said above, if he’s any sense, he’ll leave.

    Avoiding doing something and distracting yourself with something (or someone else!) will only add to the anxiety, and prolongue it. Even if you don’t tell him about it, you need to end it. It’s not fair what you are doing regardless of his employment status. If it’s your house tell him you want him out, and if it’s his, you leave. It’s very simple. Sounds like you need to grow up a bit and take responsibility for your actions. You could have told him it was over before you had the affair.

    I’m sorry, I have no sympathy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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