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    Hi everyone…so I have a gorgeous 2 year old daughter and her dad left when I was pregnant wasn’t ready etch so I bought her up alone I also have a 10 year old son…..never really heard from him until about 5 months ago when his new partner found out he had a child and her parents were not happy he suddenly wanted to be a dad!……he didn’t come to this decision by himself and he has never seen his daughter alone I let him have support (he has seen his daughter every 2 weeks) I just feel my daughter didn’t have a dad for 2 years and now still she has to share him no one to one time .I feel he only doing it for his gf but I also feel she shouldn’t be there ? Of course it’s hard to see my daughter and her dad and gf playing happy families as I wanted him to be involved when he left us but I put that aside but now I feel I have seen nothing from him to show he is a good dad.

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