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    I am in a difficult place. After this year my patience is really frayed. It doesn’t help that I am out of work and would be financially worse off in work and am currently a bit brittle to be coping with juggling work vs childcare and the needs of the kids. I am just done in. Usually the holidays are full of fun activities but not an option. The house is usually full of friends but equally can’t do that now. They are bickering constantly and demanding my attention all the time. The prospect of schools not going back has me feeling so desperate. Really don’t know where to find more strength for this marathon of coping with tedium.

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    hey glitterglue, i’m sat here feeling – i really hear you; the marathon of tedium is the perfect way to describe this absolute rubbish bag of a year. It’s beyond a joke, all we have is the bits of life that are the blooming hardest; no respite, or friends, or nice times, to soak up some of the monumental GIVING us single parents do. a few nights ago i changed the nightly glass of wine to a chapter of a book, and sure, i still want to cry and scream with the horrendousness of it all… but it feels better next morning. A few nights ago, i rang the samaritans and the fella on the phone was absolutely lovely. no judgement, no drama, just a listening ear attached to a kind soul. Not advising you do the same as me, just wanted to share and tell you i hear you and i’m sorry you feel brittle and done in, and we’re all together, even though we are apart. Hoping and praying this awful year resolves ASAP, sending solidarity to you x

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    Yep, my kids’ bickering has reached new heights, my patience frayed, and done in. Trying so hard but it seems like mission impossible this year. Just joined Gingerbread and realised that there are so many single parents feeling very much like I do. At least I know it’s not just me being a bit pathetic – the isolation and everything is really hard on us and our kids.

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    Hello, I found this forum after trying to find advice about hospital stays as a single parent. I live in Edinburgh and I have no family in the area and few friends as I have mostly lived in London and I’m not that good at making friends in the first place. I called the social services this morning for some advice as I have a 2 year old who’s recently become VERY attention seeking but not in a cute way. The past couple weeks has been constant meltdowns. My friend was going to come stay for the week before Christmas but she could only handle a couple of night and had to return back to her own child free existence. I can’t really blame her as she hasn’t made the choice to have a child. My child’s dad said at the start he would be supportive etc and we could co parent but I’ve not seen or heard from him since I was around 4 months pregnant. I should maybe mention that I have had my son 24/7 since June, before that he was at nursery 2 days a week. I think 6 months of being stuck in a house with a 2 old is a form of torture in some places. We also share a bedroom. I get unwell mentally as I have borderline personality disorder and although I am very well for someone with the condition, it can make parenting hard at time especially when I am stressed and/ or tired. I haven’t had a moment to breath in 6 months and my mental health is declining. I fear I will be put in hospital soon and then I am unsure what will happen to my son. The social work said they would get back to me tomorrow. Anyone else been in a similar situation?

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    Hi BirdofParadise20,

    I just joined Gingerbread in the hope of finding other single parents in Edinburgh, and just wanted to ask if you’re ok? I realise this thread hasn’t been active for a while . Hope everyone is coping . Xx

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    Andrew uk

    Hello. I’m in London. Sorry. But message me if you want the support. Lots of people are here for you.

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