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    Hi, new here but could really do with some advise.
    basically, my ex (barely that) introduced my son(2.5) to his brandnew gf 8 weeks ago, he has had around 5 weeks of meeting her due to us isolating for 3 weeks, this has been the odd hour here and there. Since I have contacted cms my ex now wants shared residency, this has never been an option in the past due to his work commitments. He currently has him 2 nights a week overnight and 2 nights 5.30-7.30pm this has always been the case.
    my ex is taking me to court to make sure he gets the shared care, but he is basing his shared care on his new partner and her being able to look after him if he is unable to, the schedule wouldn’t be possible without his new partner as he can’t have him with his work commitments.

    has anyone got any experience of this? Would a judge base shared care on a new partner if they live together?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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