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    Hello everyone.

    I decided to share my experience in here so others can possibly one day benefit from it.

    I have been separated from my husband for nearly 3 years now as he was mentally abusing to me and our kids.

    A year ago I met this man and we soon found out that we have a lot of common interests. He told that he was separated with his wife and he was looking for a new life. We were very happy but soon I started questioning his intentions. He went abroad to see his family, and after a few months I asked him to talk to them about us so that we can move forward with our relationship. He told me that he will in good time because of some personal family circumstances.

    We were both from 2 different ethnicity backgrounds and I wasn’t sure as the relationship was moving on if I could cope.

    A few times I asked for a break and he was crying, begging me not to leave him as he couldn’t see himself without us being together.

    He will cry to the extent of vomiting and being sick for days. He would beg me to trust him and that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

    One day I received a phone call from abroad. I found out that the number was from his country. I asked him and he told me that it was his Mrs. He told me that she won’t stop harassing him as she wouldn’t accept the separation. I didn’t believe him. That was the turning point for me.

    I left the relationship but he wouldn’t stop calling me. Try to convince me that he is telling me the truth. The lady kept calling me. Shortly after I found out I am pregnant. I informed him and his reply was ‘it’s not mine, have an abortion’

    I was devastated with his behaviour and to find out that all this time he was lying. I spoke to his Mrs and I apologised for what has happened as I wasn’t aware they are in a full marriage.

    I am going to keep this baby and he will support in bringing this baby up like it or not.

    I was very naive and ignorant. I am absolutely disgusted how someone can do this to another human being. I am still in shock how this lovely man has turned to be this rotten rat.

    I won’t let anyone hurt my child and I hope women like me fight all the way so that these type of people don’t get away with this wrongdoing and have zero opportunity to do this to others.

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