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    Hi guys

    Hope everyone is well. I havent been on this for a while but still like to keep up when I can. Days seem so busy which is good

    My son started nursery this week. Well tuesday we went and i filled paperwork in and he seemed happy and chatting and playing. Yestersay he was doing his settle in day 10till12. I took him into the room he in, he seemed ok but then when i said goodbye see you soon and left he screamed. The staff said they would ring me if any problems. I walked to my car and could hear him from outisde i felt really bad.

    I decided to stay local and just go to the shops for an hour. It had been 30minute and i got a call from the nusery to say he was upset and they didnt wanna cause him too much distress so could i pick him up. I got there 5 minutes later and heard him crying and as soon as he saw me he was ok and stopped crying. We have agreed between us that he will need to be more phased in and done so it doesnt distress him so Monday when i take him i stay with him for few hours and see how he is and if i can leave him with them

    Im glad i was called in understand their position and dont like him getting upset. Just wander how you all got on with this and how long it took your children to settle

    He is only 2 and only is with me or my Mum so it is a shock and he is a little funny when we visit my grandparents or my aunties. It took a while for him to get past the screaming phase when he startef staying overnight at my mums and when she looked after him when i went to work. He now knows and gets my shoes for me, i give him a kiss, he says bye and blows me a kiss and watches me at the door as i drive down the road

    Feel tight but hopefully once he knows who he’s with and getz used to it he will be ok. Tough for me but i really want him to do well at Nursery and make friends and have fun

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    Yes it is tough. It is separation anxiety.

    But rest assured, probably in a few days you will say goodbye and as soon as you are around the corner he will have stopped crying and be bouncing about playing with his mates.

    Staff know this.


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    Yeah i do have faith and they have been lovely tbf so I am happy he is at the one he at.

    Just like today we went to my aunties and he keeps attaching to me and i went to the bathroom for 2mins and he cried there. He wouldnt let my auntie help put his shoes or hat on. Like when even my Mum here he still wants me to do everything. I feel so loved and he is so cute just dont wanna be getting in the way of him doing ok at the nursery

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    My daughter cried alot at 10 months when I went back to work. She’s 5 years old and still gets upset going to school. Obviously I had to go to work and feel that I should have left her with child minder.i just wanted her to get out there and social use. After school she goes to a childinder and loves the chaos And fun!

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    Thats it Sherima its the social aspect too going nursery. Does she, few of my friends have said their 5yr olds still dont rly like going to school

    My son doesnt have anyone to interact with his age so I really hope in a few weeks he just has the best time


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    What I liked about our old nursery is that it was 5 mins from me. Also they had cameras everywhere and was £30 cheaper per day compared to the first one which was far from our home.

    Whenmy daughter was at home with the nanny our  home was  and also I had to prepare meals in advance . Nursery you just drop them off.

    During the holidays she goes to child minder and I send a snack bag with her treats. The child minder gives them 3 home cooked meals and has a huge garden which is good. My daughter has lots of friends

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