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    good evening,I have just joined.

    i have been married for 13yrs together 15,two kids.anyway I’ve suspected him of cheating for nearly a year,confronted him and he denied said it was all in my head.he refused to discuss her or our problems and has now moved out of our rather shell shocked and in need of support,I have no friends,he convinced me to ditch them years a go and I am really alone.

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    Hi sorry to hear this you are definetly not alone now alot of people are in exactly the same situation on this forum and I for one and more than happy to chat to you I went through this too I’m now over a year on and divorced And alot happier.


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    Hey, we are your friends. And we are legion. Welcome to the forum and PM whenever you like.

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    Hi there little lost 84.  I am little lost too.  I am in a similar situation to you except it’s my wife who has left me.  I too am happy for you to pm.  Sometimes for me trying to understand it just made it worse.  We are here for you.

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    Hello again

    He’s got the kids today,the kids messaged me to tell me he’s using disgusting language about me and it’s my keeping my dignity and reminding the kids we both love them.

    thank you for the kind words,i’ll Be needing them.

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    Hi littlelost, I only joined gingerbread today and I can honestly say from the few posts I’ve read and some of them I responded to there are lots of people here willing to help and wanting to support you.

    My wife is 13 years been having an affair, and she promised that she was going to stop and she’s been living in the house until three weeks ago when my health and mental well-being couldn’t take it you don’t so I asked her to leave. Some of the things she has said written about me, and done I’ve been beyond cruel.

    You are not alone. Let’s continue the dialogue, talking then be very therapeutic it seems to be all I’ve done since January to try and make any kind of sense to this whole disastrous situation I found myself in. I hope to hear back from you all the very best

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    We are here for you, all going through/been through divorce/separation. I am seven weeks into a separation and it’s awful – grief is the common feeling along with anger, hurt, upset, fear, worry, guilt, bitterness – a whole host of feelings, which I am told are all natural! Hang in there.

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