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    I would really appreciate help as I don’t know what to do.

    It’s quiet while when my and my partner have it difficulties.

    Are relationship is end for while and we are renting property together and stays together because we gave 2 and half year old son.. We are both on tenancy agreement.

    I’m sacrefase all of this to be with my son as whatever I say it means I’m putting her down manipulating her tretening her.. Whatever she said its right and she can say.. If I say something she telling me off etc she will pack her staff and take are son away and I’m not going to see him.. By the way I have parental responsibility. I’m on BC.. I’m really lost. I would leave the house but I’m scared as she will give it me back a turn everything against me like i didn’t care about are son etc etc. I’m paying all bills apart of nursery. I can’t afford it to pay expensive rent Inc bills where we live and then pay separate rent for my self. I didn’t make that much money.. Its there way to direct me as agreement with her doesn’t work. She will do what she thing is the best and I can only shut up. Whatewer I say it’s threatening, manipulating etc.. I would really appreciate help as I don’t have money for the court and I don’t wanna live with this person who will constantly link my life what I can or can’t do.. As I said before I sacrafise myself as I love my son and I don’t wanna lose him. There was incident in a pass where she didn’t want return from abroud


    .. Please help. Thank you

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    Your situation sounds very sad and scary! I’m sorry for you going through such horrible challenges when presumably you are not on home turf,which always makes things more difficult.

    If your sons mother takes your son abroad without your permission you might be able to report that as kidnapping.Bc that’s what it would be.

    Obviously no one besides you knows the full story but from what you’ve posted your sons mother sounds unreasonable.And it is you here asking for help….not her.

    Perhaps mediation would be worth a try?

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    Try to have a simple conversation with your son’s  mother, explain what your income is…if she doesn’t  understand, then don’t feel bad….you are not alone in this, I had a similar situation…..

    I don’t have 1 answer, but if you care…talk nice & try to negotiate things….then that’s all you can do…but, don’t walk away from your son….because he is your life

    I have not seen, or talked to my father since 1991…my daughter has never met her grandfather…..communicate





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    Thank you for replying.conversation is not possible or if possible it work only for while and there we are again on beggini g.. Today I got attack by her fyzically front of the child. She panched me fuw times on chest and arms as I don’t want to argue with her.. She said as well if I leave I will have to pay 400£ weekly for are son. As seems to me it’s quiet lot… To be honest she has a lot of saving from prevoius job but she rather support her family then are.but she said this is her money and I never going to see penny. To be honest I don’t care about her money..other things she said I can’t be with my son as he is only 2 and half year old and he needs only mother then father. This situation really draining me and even if I will contact mediator I strongly about it will work. She blaming people like everyone is false have it second face.. I’m not a perfect and have my mistakes but I’m trying the best what I can but be with the person under one roof is a hell


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    Forgot to mension she damagimg are staff when she is angry.. Yesterday she damage are son wardrobe cabord.


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