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    Hello all,

    I have a situation where my relationship with my partner has come to an end. We have tried, but now its time to move on. We are not married but live together with our two young children. We have agreed we will sell the house.

    Although we are “joint tenants” on the house, I paid the whole deposit from my personal “savings account” (the account I opened before we even met) and I have paid for every single mortgage payment since from my personal account. I also pay for all other expenses, bills etc, as my partner does not work. Even when she was working her wages were never at a level where she would have been able to afford any type of mortgage.

    So my question is, would anyone know what the split of the house sale might be? Now I would never want to see her without, as she is the mother of my children and I want them to be looked after. I will also have the children over a hundred days a year and pay full child maintenanace after the separation.  However, I feel that as I have worked extremely hard to save, buy and pay for the house, I should at least have a slightly larger share. Maybe 60/40%. I have also spent thousands of my own money in house improvements etc.

    I think I know what most people will say. In that, it will likely be a 50/50 split. However, I thought I would ask, as I am struggling to find anything specific to this scenario.

    Many thanks

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