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    I am a 35 year old man who has been married for just under 12 years and has 2 kids.

    I have just (2 days ago) told my wife I want to separate.

    I genuinely believe I have made the right decision for all concerned, I am doing this for me but also for her, she deserves to be happy. Obviously the implications of this are devistating for all concerned.

    ive got to find somewhere to live, am at the very start of this journey and it’s not a very nice one. But one that I brought on myself. I get that.

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    Hey there,

    I am exactly the same situation you are. I asked to divorce after 8 years with a 2 years boy.

    I think you never expected how hard it is and to be honest it’s severe to handle it.

    The situation gets better if you fully understand you made a right decision. Of course something’s are entirely unexpected but you can be happy if you find an answer about why you made a decision to divorce.

    I made a list for myself and I wrote on my mobile.

    I asked myself why I divorced from my ex?

    I had many rational reasons and I wrote it to know why I made it.

    It’s very helpful. You can check your reasons when you faced with any difficulties.

    Take care.


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    Hello ☺.

    You set out to be the best Dads possible and just because you have chosen a different path doesn’t mean this has to change. Stay kind stay strong x

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    It’s the sheer carnage it causes that I am struggling with, of course the financial implications etc…. are obvious, and the guilt I feel for causing so much pain to the woman I once loved.

    I want her to be happy, I want her to prosper and excel, but she is really struggling, and thats all on me 😔

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    She will excel, fear is very real.

    You both may exchange rolls.

    You sound like you are already taking on her pain. I guarantee you she will move on, if you help her heal by being a consistent Father that will make a massive difference and ease the guilt.

    Patience is the key ☺

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    She looks now like I did when my mum died 3 years ago (she was only 61) seing my wife look like that permanently is tearing me up inside.

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    Keep talking to her ☺

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