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    Hi There,

    I am very new to this forum but am keen to explore. I have recently separated from my wife. She cane home two months ago and told me we need some time apart. I decided then that I need to get some therapy and what has come from it is life changing for me. There were a lot of underlying behavioural issues my wife was dealing with and simply she could not put up with them any more. Part of my issue was an underlying mental illness which I did not know at the time.

    We have decided to give ourselves a six month break and so I live in hope that one day we will be able to revisit our marriage and give it the chance I believe it deserves. I am spending this time to get myself sorted within and my wife is doing the same. I am suffering from so much pain and anxiety towards what our future holds that I need to allow time to be my healer in all of this. I wonder if there is anyone who has or going through a similar situation as I find myself struggling with not knowing what my wife is feeling and what she ultimately wants.

    Thanks for reading

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    First and foremost I hope what you both had is surmountable, and that you can reconvene somewhere down the line.

    With regards to the pain and anxiety, we are both two peas in the same pod there, so for me to give advice on matters of the heart at this moment in time would be like the blind leading the blind!

    Good luck.



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    Hi Will3378

    I’m sorry to hear you have recently separated, I do need to point out here you have made a HUGE milestone in excepting you have a problem and most importantly willing to get therapy in the process to tackle it, that is massive and I m sure your wife would be proud of you for that whatever, I do believe some of these therapies are more long term than we sometimes anticipate but hey if it is going to approve your well being and happiness that’s good right!

    I feel sure that whatever happens here, you will get to be in a better place for yourself and the people you most care about.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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