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    Hi There

    am seperated dad, I do get to see my 14month old regularly but was hoping that she start staying with me once a week starting soon as we are coparenting but the mother is delaying it and not really agreeing to home stays yet as she is still breastfed

    what are your thoughts and how long is it until baby can stay with father usually?

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    hi lucky,

    It’s great you get to see your child regularly. Without any shame to people who can’t breastfeed… totally understandable your kid needs to be with his mum while she is breastfeeding, kid needs it’s food source, also lots of hormone/ immune/ bio-feedback / bonding stuff going on too, which is equally important 🙂 Of course, kids can survive perfectly well without, but all the science points to this being good for kids too, so it’s not harmful! Breastfeeding is a super hard job, really really literally takes a lot out of us to do it, but the benefits for the kids are often worth it, mum will be sacrificing a lot of her life to give this to your child. if the baby stay’s with you it means a stock needs to be built to share so you can bottle feed, and continue to pump while away; which isn’t an easy thing to do either. It’s lovely you do want to be more involved & do more, but maybe for now asking how you can support more in general would be most useful. It often feels like it, especially with extended breastfeeding, but it doesn’t last forever. there will be so many instances to come where you will be able to give & be more to your child, don’t worry.

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