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    hi new here and looking at separation options

    I’ve two children with autism and my husband is sole owner of family home I have a debt management plan so couldn’t be on the mortgage

    our marriage has been over for a long  time and it’s time to actually move on

    I don’t want to move my children they a settled and with their additional needs they need to stay put in a familiar environment. My ex is happy for us to remain in the home together but lead separated lives and sort a divorce out. I’m on carers allowence for my children it’s my only income I do receive tax credits but based on his income and once we do this his income won’t count as mine

    has anyone been able to claim UC being separated but still living in same home ? I won’t be asking for maintenance as he will be paying the mortgage still I’m not sure where I stand benefits wise atm the moment I can’t work due to nature of my children’s needs , he works full time but I want complete financial separation from him so I can move on

    options ? Or will it mean one of us will have to move out ? If he did am I able to use UC to pay him rent ?


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    if you use the search engine I posted the ways that you have to live separately under the same roof to be eligible for benefits as a lone parent.

    in a nutshell you have to have separate rooms, not cook for one another, not have family days out together etc.

    so yes you can claim.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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