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    I discovered last week that my husband had been using sex chat rooms with his camera and paying girls to send him videos to whatsapp. I logged onto room and it transpired he was doing this 3/4 hours a day, spending a huge amount, and even logged on when in care of daughter. We are separated, and it’s been a week. He has sought addiction rehab straight away and is getting a lot of help and is extremely remorseful. But I am 8 months pregnant and I am terrified now of being a single parent to two kids. Even one week with my 2 year old I am exhausted and lonely. I have no time to think of  what to think re husband- do i say yes to couples counselling, is there a future. etc. Does it get better? I’m scared and lonely 😞

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    Hi jellybean,

    So sorry to hear you are experiencing this,

    It sounds tough & emotionally draining.

    It’s good he seems to recognise he has an issue & is seeking help!

    Counselling is prob the best place to work out if you can still have a future or at least work things out healthily if you can’t.

    Your bound to feel exhausted with all this going on, maybe lots of restorative self care & de-stressing pampering could help?

    Book in a few pregnancy massages or whatever makes you feel good … Get him to pay!! – he should be spending less now!!

    When I had my second I was single too, I was so worried to start with, but it was actually much easier than the first, body seemed to just remember, was much more routine/ less of a shock & much more confident!

    Prepping activity boxes for your first can go a long way to give you more time for baby & keeps them entertained.

    I found my first loved to be involved & really quite helpful! – passing a bib/ blanket or drawing a picture for their sibz!

    Baby carrier was awesome & a buggy board was really useful.

    Two is easier than one in many ways as they can entertain each other & play together.

    Hope that helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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