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    so myself and my 4 month old babies dad have just separated. It was his choice to end things. We both lived together but I have now moved back home where my family is and he has stayed where he is, which is a couple of hours away.
    he was demanding he wanted to have his son for a week on week off basis!! I said no as he needs stability and for him to settle into where we are now first. I said to have him for a couple of hours first then gradually extend. I need to build trust again. He brought him taking it through a solicitor which I said if it came down to it and he won’t agree then will have to go down that route. It isn’t fair on my son being form one home to another. And also he works ALOT and I would be scared he would be parming him off to other people.
    Am I being fair?

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    I think your being fair and reasonable. I can’t see how a court will order that 4 month old baby is to have a 50/50 care agreement with a parent that lives hours away. Court like to increase contact gradually, e.g a few hours, to a day, then eventually overnight stays.

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    When parents break up children will always be living between two homes,  this is the unfortunate reality.  This will not be effecting the baby as this is their new normal, you shouldn’t let your feelings get in the way of shared care. At the end of the day a child has 2 parents,  your time isn’t worth more than the fathers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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