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    We are looking at getting a separation agreement followed in 2 yrs time with a divorce as neither party is at fault plus we need to keep mortgage as it is at the moment.  Have been to a solicitors who agreed sounds the best route as we are amicable, plus I like her due to being a parent and having just gone through a divorce…its everywhere isn’t it these days?! 😕

    Anyway has anyone else gone this route and did it stay amicable? We are very amicable and talk all the time but noticed this week I have had sole responsibility of getting our daughter to school, picking her up and feeding her etc whilst he pops to the pub after work or gym (the only reason i hear from him is if he remembers i have a class ) just hoping it doesn’t become a thing as its feeling unfair…he is knocking around with younger guys at the moment who have no responsibilities 🤔 rant over!

    Its not easy all this is it?

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    I looked into this carefully as my ex and I sold the family house and I wanted to make sure if I used my half of the proceeds on a deposit for another home, that she would not have a claim on it if we were not divorced yet.  My findings were that the separation agreement is NOT legally binding.  Only the process of going through a divorce and having a finacial agreement is legally binding.

    For me it was no amicable, so I had to be more careful but within those 2 years you speek about anything can happen and you never know how a person could change.

    Hope that helps 🙁


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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