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    hi all, i’m new here.. and really struggling.. bit of a back story.. but my partner has done the dirty on me, and now we are separating.. only problem is, he is the breadwinner of the house. i am a stay at home mum/ carer for my disabled son. i have been searching online for what to do next.. but i’m getting nowhere. so hope someone on here can offer advice. what benefits should i be applying for? i currently receive carers allowance, child tax, child benefit & DLA for my son.. obviously this does not even come near to covering the rent, or any of the other big bills. i am lost with all these new benefits.. ive been on benefits checkers, but it doesnt clarify what i should be applying for 🙁 i’m going to be down £700 a month once partner moves out.. so i’m panicking that myself & 2 kids are going to end up in a really bad position. any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks 🙂

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    Child maintenance?

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    Hi Liiluzl

    Great point that Schubert has made. Child maintenance will make a huge difference to your claim. Its hard to put in your claim when you dont know exactly what the child maintenance will be. I know it will be confusing and frightning for a while but try not to panic. Panic is the moment we cant think straight, Take care buddy

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    Rob in Leeds

    Is he the father to your children? Do you know or do you have an idea of his earnings?

    Child Maintenance is essentially based on Gross earnings (before income tax) minus any pension contributions & the amount of time the kids spend with the other party overnight (at a different address from where you live).

    You can use the online calculator to get an idea of what you may receive if you open a case.

    Alternatively you can talk to your (ex) partner about making private arrangements (a family based arrangement) for him to help support the kids. This isn’t necessarily legally binding though unless it becomes part of a divorce settlement.

    You may find however that you will have to generate additional income yourself to keep your heads above water.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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