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    So I’ve decided to split up with my fiancé. We have a 4yo daughter and we bought our house 3 years ago.

    I don’t really know where to begin with how to split up. Is there a way to keep my name on the mortgage and for me to rent somewhere? I really want him to keep the house for our daughters sake so we both agreed we’ll try not to sell until later on.

    I don’t have anyone that I can stay with, my parents are too far away and I work full time. I’m worried I’ll struggle financially as my job isn’t well paid but I need to get out of the house asap…

    From vague research I can see there may be some benefits to help me financially, but my main concern is if my name being tied to the mortgage will affect me getting any housing.

    Please help, I feel so clueless

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    Hello Jane

    I was able to rent a place whilst remaining on our joint mortgage by paying some rent in advance. It was a great stop-gap whilst we started mediation and worked out our finances going forward, as like you, I didn’t have anyone locally I could stay with.

    I am happy to discuss the details in a private message if it helps.









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    Hi Jane


    i am currently doing the same as Nicky. I’m renting a one bed place for me and the kids (43/57 split) whilst still paying 50% of the mortgage and still names on the mortgage. We’re hopefully starting mediation soon so hoping to get this resolved soon, but has been a good stop gap.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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