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    Me and my husband are separating as we just aren’t sure what we both want anymore. It’s all very amicable which is good. We’ve never been entitled to any benefits in the past due to earning above threshold but I’ve been a stay at home mum all this time. Children are of school age so I am of course looking for a job.

    I’ve started a universal credit claim today but I’m so confused and scared because they are asking for our income from the year prior and I don’t understand because I now have no income so not sure why it makes a difference to my claim. I’m also confused because husband is trying to be helpful and ensure bills are paid during the transition but is this going to hinder my claim? Is child maintenance deducted from your entitlement and how do they differentiate what is child maintenance? I feel very lost and upset. I’ve been in tears to A few Call agents this morning when trying to make sense of it all.


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    This does sound confusing. What have they said on the phone?

    Surely they will take into account that you were not previously working? This shouldn’t affect your claim.

    I don’t know anything about this system either.

    I know they look at what your outgoings are. Have you looked at the form and how they break it down?

    I know it must be so overwhelming and I really do feel for you.

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    I started a UC claim when I had to over 3 years ago now and thankfully I don’t rely on it anymore as I work full time and I’m in a better situation however I was once like you…


    I had no income at all, (which they knew from my NI number anyway when they search) so I told them my income was nil.
    I had proof that bills where paid via ex partner until the date of split but they didn’t care to be honest.

    they just asked what I had in the bank, which was obviously very little, and proof off bank statements,  and if I had any capital which I didn’t and they gave me an advanced of money on that same interview day.

    Child maintenance isn’t deducted from your claim/doesn’t affect your claim in any way as far as I know as it’s not a guaranteed income and the amount can vary/he might not pay etc


    im only new here but if you need anything else I can help as I did go through it myself


    hope your okay x



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    @Vikvik Hope you’re ok too. Also here if you need anything.

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    It’s really hard till you get the hang of it.Isn’t there some organization that helps ppl thru the paperchase? Can u Google check that? It’s very frightening at the begining but they really will explain it all if you keep asking & eventually u’ll get the hang of it.Hope it gets easier for you very soon.

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    Hi 🙂

    I have only recently separated as well. I found the universal credit form very difficult to fill out… what I did was whenever I wasn’t sure, I wrote in the journal so they could see what I was struggling with. They weren’t always helpful, but they did always reply and it reassured me that I could explain the issue so they knew I was trying to get it right.

    How are you feeling generally? It’s very overwhelming to start with.

    Lou x

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