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    My husband wants to separate and put the house up for sale. So he can split the money with me.

    But I’m just completely mind blank and worried what to do!! As I have no savings and a job at present, no idea where to start. The only thing I do have is a ‘Home Right’ registered with the land registry. I just don’t want to overwhelm our daughter by moving home when she is already had a lot to deal with in the last year.

    Any advice much appreciated

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    please get some professional advice if you can. Whether solicitor, a trusted friend, citizens advice.

    Changing the family home has a major impact on children especially after the split of their parents.

    My ex and I went through a house sell we were in the middle of when we split, we thought at the time it made logical sense, was a clean financial break. We both bought straight away, and with hindsight  it was all a crazy hectic few months that to be honest I am only coming to terms with now.

    I lost my marriage, the home I loved, and I’m a grown up! For the kids it was upheaval after upheaval.

    It could be that you have no choice, I don’t know your circumstances, but if you can take it slowly and be ready for each change, to help your child cope and be strong for them, then that is my advice.

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    I think I once read that a death of someone close,a divorce and moving home are some of the biggest challenges we have to suffer sometimes that cause a lot of emotional…trauma? Damage? Suffering? Whatever.So for anyone to do two or three out of those three in one go is a bit much.Though it can happen and it’s usually not our choice it’s good to be mindful of the fact and understand we might ‘pay’ for it in some way down the line.

    Even single parents aren’t invinceable😉

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    Thank you for you response.

    I am to be talking to my family support worker by the end of the week. In regards what support I can be entitled to.
    I need to find accommodation for myself, my 10 year old and three cats.

    He just doesn’t understand that I can just find a place by a click of a finger and have the box ticked for him. I need to be near the school.

    Financially I’m worried as I don’t have a job at present, have mental health issues (on medication) and no savings to have some security for us.

    I’m so stressed and my head is all over the place. He is just putting pressure on me and just wants it all done ASAP and give me half of the house sale

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    Hi x My husband was having a lockdown affair. Just as we were getting to the end of it all I caught him with a work colleague and he admitted he hadn’t been going into the office but had been having an affair with her while I was at work. Like you Cat, my world came crashing down and devastated doesn’t cover what I felt. We have a 15 year old Son doing his GCSE’s. I started the divorce but have financial mediation coming up and I don’t want to go in blind. I have one shot of getting this right for myself and my Son. Where should I go to get the right advise please?

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