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    My husband has recently left me and we have a toddler and house/mortgage together. I want to stay living in the house with my son but I only work part time and wouldn’t be able to afford the mortgage. Can anyone help with what I should do first? There is so much to sort just don’t know what to start with.

    Any help/advice would be great.


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    I split things into practical & financial.

    Do a spreadsheet of what it will cost to keep the house running – mortgage + bills plus living costs for you and toddler.  Then money coming in. Check the govt benefits calculator.

    Then practical. Can you work full time? Will you be better off after paying more childcare? Is that childcare available? Do you have family who will help.

    How much will your ex help with childcare? Look at the CMS website to work out what maintenance your ex will pay. Start thinking about access and what would best suit you.

    Keep building the list, it will take time. When you are happy it’s complete, talk to your ex. And take it with you when you see a solicitor. You will need it when you apply for a mortgage too.

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    Thank you – that’s a big help!

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