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    Hello, I am new to this and was looking for some advice/opinion please. My ex left me 3 week into the first lockdown for the women he had an affair with for the preceding 12 months. We have 2 sons, 11 and 6 who have been having overnight stays since January of this year one Saturday every 2 weeks. The boys are very resilient and don’t ever make a fuss. It has come to light over the last few weeks my ex is not happy, I have had conversations with him and he has confirmed he does not love her and does not want to be with her and is not happy. I have suggested for his own sake he needs to leave her. They are due to move from a 4 bed to a 3 bed in the next couple of weeks. This is her house for her 3 kids, my ex has no financial involvement he is just a lodger. I am unsure where my children will be sleeping? Possible the conservatory on a sofa bed? The gf has no idea my ex feels this way. My issue is I do not want to continue sending my children into this false environment. Where do I stand saying to my ex overnight stays are stopped until he sorts himself out? I do not see why she has to be in their lives when he doesn’t even want to be in hers? Thank you x

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