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    Not sure where what to do and wondered if anyone else is in the same position. Myself and my partner both work in an environment where covid is easily spread. My partner has had it but myself and my teenage daughter haven’t. He has 2 young children who live a 2 hour drive away and he usually has them every other weekend, picks them up late on Friday after work, has them sat and the takes them back Sunday morning. At the moment we have 6 cases in work and we aren’t in a position to stay away from them, although we wear ppe. I personally don’t think its safe to have the children here at the moment due to one of us bringing it home and risking them. The mum says of we give it to them she will never forgive us but at the same time wants them to come down. She has the children in several bubbles at home. They go to school as she is a key worker, her parents and sister, who live separately, help with childcare on evenings and weekends and they also have her partners child stay 5 nights a week. Would they be allowed to join our bubble as well? So confusing and not sure what to do for the best!!!!

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