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    Hi, I’m a recently separated dad looking for advice and different perspective, I believed I was a hands on dad enjoyed all the nappy changes sleepless nights to dream feed my son, set up play areas etc around the house took time off to go to play groups etc even set up schedules of home schooling during the beginning of the lockdown when I had time off from work so I could do art science lessons etc I know my son was young but always believed they are never to young and anything he showed interest in I made sure I helped him grow in he showed interest in yoga so planned that into his daily routine aswell, tried my best to make sure I was there when ever I could to take part with him. Me and my partner did have arguments, and she then decided to walk out with my son, over the last few months iv asked to go to marriage counselling mediation etc to try and resolve issues but she has always blamed me for all the disagreements but iv always said it takes two to tango but she would never accept any wrong doing, and now she is trying to control every aspect of my son not including me in any decisions and try to remove me completely from his life, and trying to say I can only see him from Friday morning till Saturday morning. Just want to know what advice I can get and what others perspective is that have gone through a similar situation?

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    always two to tango

    your trying your best by the sounds of it and she’s just no playing ball.

    its a hard time . Am currently going threw the same. The never to young to to learn/grow is a issue I feel am clashing with my ex with . My daughter(she’s 8) said the other day she wanted to be a mechanic I don’t no where it came from but I supported it and the next week I got her into a garage and she was in the hood manky haha.if ma daughter wants to do that I will support it. I don’t see it the other way though. I can’t see her mother encouraging her with things like that and it’s so frustrating .they have soo much potential kids.


    ive had trouble with access as well . What I did was get a letter from my lawyer sent . It got the ball rolling it shock her up abit .

    its tuff. Keep the chin up . I’ve been threw it for over ten years

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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