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    I am getting mixed advice from everyone and don’t know I should do for the best. I am hoping someone can help as solicitors are just costing me loads.
    so we spilt with my husband of 17 years following him cheating with younger girl. We have 3 children. I have started the divorce but then some people are telling me to just do a separated arrangement instead. This way he can’t marry his new woman and I will be untitled to everything. This other woman is after his money and doesn’t work just living off him. Today I have been told I should get the divorce done before he has another child with her as then she will be untitled to everything but if I divorce him and get it all in sorted I can still go for more afterwards as long as I don’t remarry.
    I am not been greedy as I am only asking for child support to keep our family home with the kids. I have been told to go for his pension and spouse maintenance but I have decided not to.
    going to court can cost me up to 15k I have been told and just don’t have that money. Has anyone been through this? How many win?
    my ex is also getting paid over seas so could walk away without paying anything.
    thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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