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    I share parenting of my 2 kids with my ex. I have them 33% of the time. My ex has shown signs of coronovirus (cough). I am not supposed to have the kids for 2 weeks (due to a weekend swap we did) although I  was planning to have the kids for a few nights this weekend.

    Question – how are other single parents distancing/isolating? Are you following government guidelines (14 days isolation if someone in your household shows signs) or are you treating both houses as 1 household and sharing care?

    Should I take the kids and risk all 4 of us having the virus at the same time or have them for a longer period over the Easter Hols?

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    I would say in light of his symptoms play it safe and don’t see them.  Painful though it is, this is hopefully only for a few weeks.  Can you do facetime?

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    Thanks Puck. Would your answer change if I told you I am the father? I can FaceTime. They are 8 and 11, have their own iPads and we message each other.

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    My understanding is that the travel itself would put others at risk. Will be interesting to see how we’re supposed to cope if we go into lockdown though, we can’t keep our children from their parents indefinitely.

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    Hi, just joined the forum as I’m struggling with this issue.  I read a Q+A thing on the BBC website and their medical correspondent said that people needed to apply common sense in this difficult time.  So long as the children don’t have an underlying health problem that puts them in a higher risk group, separated parents should still carry on seeing their children.

    My 3 children are self-isolating with their mum as they have a cough.  I’ve asked to video call them, mum says they tried but it doesn’t work (no missed call notification my end).  I’ve asked to discuss how we go forward after their self-isolation, especially as schools are out now.  No response other than ‘I’m too busy caring for the children.’

    I don’t want to put my children at risk but I live in a rural area and have no health issues.  I’m self-employed and work is a bit slower so I have the time to spend with the children.  All I want is to spend time with the children.  Continue contact with them.  Personally I feel we should switch to the holiday pattern of our court order – alternate weeks, but mum is having none of it, just ignoring my email.  I’m worried that if the lockdown is extended I won’t see them for a long time.   She has done her best to damage my relationship with the children and this is just playing into her hands.  I’m so worried about it all.

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    Newly single dad and my daughters mother has left weeks ago and gone to the most dangerous part of London when it comes to the virus so I’ve stopped contact as even tho you show no symptoms at the beginning it’s still infectious

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    HI I am a single mum with 10 year old son. I work as a carer. I have no family support at all and friends are isolating themselves. If I get ill how to I provide for my son and what help is out there. Any advise on how I can prepare meals if we are isolated. So confused and feeling very anxious. Any advise is great

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