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    Hi, has anyone dealt with an ex who is self employed saying they pay themselves a small wage to reduce maintenance payments? His business was bringing is around 13k per month with little overheads but he states his wage is low. He has done a calculation on the CSA website (or whatever it is now called) and basically he can say he pays himself anything. How do they get away with it and what can i do to challenge it?

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    Hi, I’m in similar position to you, ex earns 5 times an hour what I do but is self employed so (finally) pays a small amount of maintenance in doubt paid by clients and not declared…it’s pretty tricky but I haven’t yet had mental strengthto go down formal CSA route…Presumably your ex does do a tax return? Anything declared to CSA, as was, would need to agree with tax return. Whatever he declared on there is used to calculate payments, or they can apply a default flat rate I believe until he provides further evidence…Citizens advice/free 1st consults that many solicitors offer might be a good starting point for you??

    Good luck 🙂

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    For the first few years after separation I was too nervous of rocking the boat with my ex to apply to the Child Maintenance Service. They cannot do a calculation without both parents’ knowledge.

    Once I eventually decided to deal with it properly and have the CMS do a calculation, I only wished I had done so sooner. Of course he lied about his income. Of course he paid less than he would have been obliged to.

    Unless you have very real fears about rocking the boat, just use the CMS. There is no legal obligation for him to pay a penny until you do it. They will do an initial calculation on the basis of basic HMRC data. If you have reason to believe he is manipulating the figures that they have accessed, you can subsequently ask them to investigate this as well, and potentially increase the payments.

    Here’s the link:

    Just get the money off him and spend it on the kids, they deserve it!

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