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    Ok, my personal circumstances have changed dramatically recently and im looking for some advice on reaching an agreement over child maintenance. I apologise this is a bit long winded but thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. I have two ex partners who i have children with, lets call them A and B. A is a nightmare and I have no real opportunity or desire to communicate with her beyond dealing with the kids. B is a good friend of mine still and has gone as far as to suggest not paying any maintenance until I get myself sorted but im not wanting to do this and wish to support all my children equally.

    My wages are paid every 4 weeks and my take home is £1900. My current arrangement with my ex’s is as follows. Ex A i have 2 children with aged 15 and 13 who i have every 3rd weekend and 4 full weeks during the year (school holidays). Ex B i have 2 children with aged 7 and 6 who I see 2-3 times a week as they live close by but they do not stay with me overnight. I currently pay both ex’s £240 every 4 weeks but I am dealing with spiraling debt and living costs which I will now detail;


    Rent per month £1000

    Council Tax £120

    House/Services Bills £150

    Car Finance (car is required for work) £225

    Car tax/insurance £80

    Traveling costs/fuel £100 (half of this is due to travel to see children with ex A – 160mile round trip)

    Current Child Maintenance £480

    CCJ/Personal Debt £140


    As you can see, ive currently not added anything for personal living costs or food so would really appreciate some advice on what would be considered a fair ammount child maintenance wise.


    Many thanks.



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    Did A move away from you? If she moved your kids away, you are allowed to offset travel costs, if they are over £10. Might that help?

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