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    Hi after a bit of advice

    Ii split from my ex 8 years ago, had to fight to get access through the courts, so now see kids every other weekend and every Wednesday, all gone good until lock-down came in, which i totally understand, i haven’t seen my kids since early march, i have spoken to kids on phone, but my ex is making this a little difficult with saying kids don’t want to speak but when i do they are full of life, (i have missed out on there birthday and today is my birthday the kids should be with me)

    my ex is refusing to go back to normal arrangement at moment as i work full time i come in contact with people and she deem’s me a risk, i have suggested for time being, no over night yet but possible do sat 9-5 pm to ease getting back to normal, with she has refused

    My big question is where do i stand in this, I want to do what right for the kids, but it cant go on forever that i don’t see them,

    i do feel the ex is using lock-down as an reason to stop me seeing them (but cant prove that)


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    Hi Dave, I’m certainly not an expert but in a horrible situation myself because of coronavirus so thought I’d give you a mums point of view – I know we aren’t all the same!!

    So many people have obviously died and anxieties are high all over not 1 of us has ever had to deal with life is at the moment and I can only hope we never have to again after this is over. A 9-5 would be no different from an overnight in my opinion, It’s still a large amount of time – I don’t know your situation but are you able to go visit them for a period of time where she knows and feels they are safe? Again I can only say from my point but I don’t want to be keeping my little boy from his dad but I do have anxieties over keeping him safe.


    This all aside you have a court order which I would have thought stood? I really hope you both get to finding a way through this. Missing your kids birthday is so sad.

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    Liane 245

    If you’ve persued acess through the courts then surely the court order would still be valid.

    Have you done a covid 19 test just to reasure you ex??

    This lockdown has created huge anxieties for all of us.

    Give it time. Don’t give up. Good luck.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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