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    I am happy to have found this site. I am a single dad, and given the situation, I will need to work at odd times. I want to feel more secure on times I need to leave my kids with a sitter. I thought of getting a CCTV and I feel clueless and confused with the many security cameras features shown on different websites.

    Pretty much I just need to have a CCTV  that will allow it to connect to my phone, so every time I leave my kids to the babysitter, I would be able to check on them, every now and then. There were so many features shown like zoom, infrared, power usage, the field of view, wherein all I thought was they are all the same.

    I came across this website, which I don’t know if it helped me or made me more confused, ****************** but I just really want to pin down the right camera for my family. The site said these are google products so I guess at least I would have some familiarity with it.

    Any input? suggestions? I am not tech-savvy, so I need something that is simple to understand and install, but definitely worth the money I’ll be spending since this is for long term use. If it makes any sense, I am hoping that the camera would be able to record the video for at least a week,  (does the camera record it or the app?) since I won’t really be able to put my eyes on my phone all the time.

    Thank you for your time reading this and for your thoughts.



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    Hi Mitch

    There are many cameras out there that will do a great job . It would give you peace of mind thats for sure. I guess you dont know the babysitter too well?  i shouldnt really suggest one camera over another but can tell you from experience (when my mum needed carers) my brother set up Nest cameras around the home. I guess there was a subscription to pay but we could get live stream, email/text messages if it got turned off and the pictures were crystal clear. It must have saved the videos as we could log in online to their website (24 hours a day) and watch at anytime. Phone,laptop ,desktop. Whatever your near at the time you choose to check.  However i suppose youd need more than one to cover the whole house. Im not tech savvy but i know they worked well and served their purpose. Research Nest and see? Others are available and may well be better. The one thing that will help you is by telling the babysitters that the cameras record 24 hours a day and they are simply there for monitoring purposes and invite them to log in and watch for themselves so they know what your recording. That will put them at ease with the cameras being there. We did that with the carers so they had total freedom which gave them piece of mind. It also meant everything was above board and we werent spying on them and also in your case the kids will behave knowing you may be watching ! Its a win win !!

    Good luck……Mark

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    I have had many sitters and ananny and I did not install camera because if you don’t trust them why would you install camera .

    Look on your local council website and there are trustworthy sitters nanny etc who are approved by ofsted and the council .

    My daughter goes to Child minder in the holiday s and they have got cameras everywhere In their home to protect themselves as well as the children. Happyholidays

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      <li style=”text-align: left;”>I meant to say if you don’t trust them on your home in the first place then I would not bother having them around your children in the first place
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