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    Hi all,

    My relationship with my ex partner was a stressful one.  I felt like through the whole relationship I was trying to change her into someone she wasn’t.  I was trying to encourage her to better herself constantly but she wouldn’t budge.  She was a very lazy person not doing any housework just sitting watching TV all day everyday.  Not taking our son to mother and toddler groups.


    All the stress got too much for me and I had a mental breakdown.  I was sectioned under the mental health act for psychosis and spent 7 months in hospital.


    This has been a very traumatic time for me.  On coming out of hospital I have been met with all the same problems that were there in the first place.  I found the strength to end the relationship because I never want to go through an experience like that again.  I feel like my life has been turned upside down.  Not only do I have the memories of hospital to deal with I have the end of a 7 year relationship to do too.

    I never ever thought I’d be a single dad.  I’m scared I will never find anyone else.  It’s harder for me to get over the relationship than it is to get over my hospital experience.  And to add to that my family hate my ex partner so if I was ever to get back with her my family would fall out with me.


    Please help

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    Liane 245

    Well done you for accepting your problems and wanting to change.

    My kids dad used to put me down loads. All I felt I was doing was working, but all he said i was doing was being lazy and not looking after myself.

    I done the whole 0-1s group and church; me and my daughter loved it and it was a joy being part of a wider community.

    Do you have a support worker/CMHN?

    Are there grouos in your area?

    I still attended various art therapy groups and counselling sessions. He left me with alot of scars.

    The best thing for me was Open University.

    Good luck with your journey

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    I’m currently having counselling to try and change my mindset.  I’m feeling really down just now and keep having flashbacks to how I was treated in hospital.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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