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    I am considering taking on a second job on the weekends (on top of my full time job), I know it will be tiring but I only plan to do it until my financial situation improves. My daughter is 7 and my mom and nan have agreed to help out with this for a bit

    I’m just wondering if anyone knows how this will effect

    1. Tax credits – I think they will stop but if the second jobs pays more this is fine

    2. Tax Codes – I keep googling and can’t get anything conclusive

    3.Student loan – does this mean I will pay it back from both jobs

    Just trying to wonder if it will be worth it – I don’t have a terrible life just really sick of just getting by (as I am sure many fo you can relate)

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    Thanks for that, I think its the tax codes that concern me most. Last year one of my old employers did some kinda of adjustment and sent me a wage slip for £30 but then deducted £30 (so I got nothing) but HMRC took this as a second job and placed me on a BR code which couldn’t have come at a worst time!

    I think im just gonna go for it – if I end up worse off I’ll leave

    It is ridiculous though that people have to even consider whether working more will be financially beneficial

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    I agree with everything said already. I would recommend doing a better off calculation. I use the turning point’s better off caculator (BOC) but you can also find other versions on direct gov and other various sites too.


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    ooo I haven’t heard off better off before I will try that]]and @Anonymous annually my second job (which I have now been offered) will bring home more than tax credits but will have to see how the taxing situation goes

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