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    So, I am a newly solo parent to my 3 daughters (7,10 and 13) who up until a few months ago I home educated with my husband. I now find myself separated with no chance of continuing to home educate with my partner. We are all going through a very difficult time. There is no doubt that I will continue to home educate (it’s what the kids have always known) but I am worried about the idea of doing it alone and trusting that I have what it takes. I would love to hear from any other parents who have found themselves home educating alone. I’m not sure how likely this is? Surely there must be quite a few doing it?

    As for being newly single, how do people manage the loneliness? We spent a lot of time together and had been with each other 18 years. I’m pretty heartbroken and find myself full of grief and longing for closeness. I’m trying to look to my close female friendships for support but am struggling big time.

    Hopeful to hear stories of resilience… :/

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    Hi Sunray! Did you find anyone.. I’m in the same boat, looking for others to connect with

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    Andrew uk


    home schooling network uk

    And there are several support organisations and networks.

    Sorry, I know nothing about home-schooling but there are certainly parents out there doing the same as you.

    Would now be a good time to send them to school?


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    Hi Mighty Marmite,

    Nope I haven’t found many others. What part of the world are you in. I am in the North East. 🙂

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    I’ve been home educating as a single parent for over 4 years

    how are things going with you now ?

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