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    I’m getting a lot of abuse from my ex and his family. Basically, we separated and he refused to give enough maintenance to allow me to stay close to his family where we lived since before having kids. So I agreed to no spousal maintenance if I could move back close to my parents for support. He agreed. Once his solicitor drew up the agreement he’s always upheld I hid my move from him and he refused it completely. Even though he let our house sale go through knowing in full that I was moving to my parents house 70 miles away.


    I’ve since bought my own house and finances are okay but no real spare cash. He on the other hand has a 6 figure salary.


    He is at sea and insisting that his parents should be having the kids every other weekend while he’s away as he technically lives alone when he’s in the country and so his parents are his support bubble. As I live alone with the children, my parents are my support bubble.


    I don’t believe this is right as the support bubbles are there for those single parents struggling on their own. He’s at sea on a ship with loads of other crew. I feel I would be breaking lockdown restrictions handing the kids to his parents when they aren’t my bubble. Does anyone know where I can clarify this as I’m fed up with the nastiness from him and his family when I’m just trying to follow the law!!

    When he was home from sea he was having the children and taking them to his parents alternate weekends as children can move between parents but I don’t feel that while he’s at sea and not even in the country he can basically palm off his parental responsibility to his parents?

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    I think the job he does really is irrelevant. Having contact with lots of people at work is pretty much what most people do, as do the kids have contact with lots of kids at school. So it’s really irrelevant and shouldn’t stop contact taking place between parents

    Currently the only reason why contact between parents shouldn’t take place is if the child(ren) are in direct contact with a Covid positive individual and are subject to 14day isolation rules.

    However, if dad isn’t actually present then how can you transfer to his care. I agree that a grandparent should not take dads place. It’s dads responsibility to ensure the children spend time with his family as and when the children are in his care.

    That would be my position in any case.

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    I see no reason why your ex partners parents shouldnt see children every other weekend especially if they want to go as well. They are your childs grandparents so that sounds perfectly reasonable to me. There is also no way any rules  would be broken by doing so either

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