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    Hi guys

    Any advice on what to do when my 1 year old son is screaming of a night. He’s not himself atm cough and cold i understand he’s fed up and sleep Will be disturbed. However he keeps wanting to get out into my bed when he wakes up, i give in to cuddles till he settles and put him back in the cot. He now get used to this so probs not helping but as he isnt well and on my own cant stand the screaming and tiredness i do this for any decent bit of sleep

    He is a fab sleeper but this of late getting me a little down. I tell him ita bedtime and to lie down and stop all the screaming but obv im talking to a 1 year old.  I dont want him to hate me but physically cant keep picking him up or coping with the screams

    We are both in same room atm, moving in couple of weeks where we will have own bedrooms hope he transitions well seen as though ita quite late. Out of my control in this flat im in had issues have to share room

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    Hi Gingey,

    is he screaming in pain – maybe an ear infection after the cold – and wants comforting, or is he screaming because he’s got used to sleeping with you again and is demanding to be back in your bed?

    if the first, would Calpol help to get him to sleep? If the second, can you sleep in the sitting room for a couple of nights until he gets back into his routine. Take your duvet with you.

    I’m up dosing mine with Calpol too. Temperature & hacking cough. Going to be a long night ☹️

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    Hi Kathymumofone

    He hasent been too well so I understand this. I give him Calpol have a cup of water and change his nappy when he wakes. I think he wants to get in my bed. I used to do this but stopped other month as i turned over one night and didnt think he was moving terrified me.

    He gets put in his cot and is fine settling himself first of all its just whenever he wakes up he screams and doesnt settle easy. I layed him back down and said bed time. I rubbed his hand and he has his teddy and he did go back to sleep and tbf havent heard a peep. Hes still in bed atm

    I think when its late and your tired yourself it is draining isnt it and things get little more difficult. Hope your little one is ok

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    Hi Anonymous

    Yes i do end up getting him out feel like him screaming and me leaving him to do so doesnt help. I just dont want to make this a thing now. He stays at my mums wed n thurs so i wonder how he will be there.

    He is a fab sleeper and i get it when your not well sleep isnt easy and not everynight is going to be brill.


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